I'm thrust into the grant writing game out of frustration. I wanted to apply for the ranger earlier this year and attempted to do so but it was clear to me that I didn't know what I was doing. So, I educated myself. I recently attended a Kurt Bradley seminar in NY (hello Bushnells Basin FD) so now I'm better prepared so if this program comes around again this year I'll be hopefully ready. Oftentimes our members use their personal 4 wheelers to help or we hand carry everything in to the woods if it's remote (oftentimes it is)
What I'm asking is if there's anyone who wrote a successful grant for a ranger that would be willing to share that with me?? I have a few narratives available that may work for you folks if need be. They are at work (and I am at home at this typing) so I can't say for sure what they are for (all are from other departments in my area) I know one is for gear. Also, loooooong shot here. We are trying to replace our 27 y/o ladder truck but have faced an uphill battle. Is there anyone who has seen or written a successful grant for a ladder/quint?? Thanks to all. I will be a presence here to learn as much as I can and to help others out.