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    Exclamation Wanting to join PFD, need some tips

    When I finish my enlistment in 2011 from the USAF I want to move back home to Phoenix and be a firefighter there, Ive heard its a REALLY REALLY hard process to get hired, so whats some good tips I can use for getting hired?

    Im already working on my fire science degree, and EMT training with my fire dept I volunteer for, plus being prior military has to help I'd imagine? The written and physical test are up to me and me alone and then the 2 interviews after that.. any tips/tricks would be great thanks!

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    It is hard to get hired in Phoenix, but not any more than most large departments. The best thing is to learn as much about any organization that you want to work for. Work on your interview skills. The best way to learn is to go to a fire station, introduce yourself and let them know you are interested. We have a citizen observer program and most Phoenix firefighters are more than willing to talk to you and assist you. remember that your reputation starts the day you wlak into the station, so act accordingly, help out work wise where you can. Same stuff you are doing now. The internet has lots of information on our organizational values and goals. start there and hope to see you out there. Alex

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    good to know...if i may ask (I am in similar situation) what house are you with?

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