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    Default looking to become a paid wildland firefighter

    im wanting to become a full time paid wildland firefighter for the 2008 season. i have some previous experiance in strutural firefighting and emergency medical training. i am willing to relocate and willing to pay for the training as long as there is job placement after training.

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    Default perm full-time

    Permant jobs are easy these days with the Forest Service especially in Cali. The deal is you will have to be a seasonal for a little bit. At least one season as a temp and then become perm as a apprentice. Work 6 mo on 6mo off. We pay for all the training!

    Here's the applicant portal.

    Search under series: 0462
    GS: 03 to 05

    The BLM, Park service, Bur of Indian affairs at the department of interior is good too. Also here are some state organization for you to check out.
    Cal Fire: http://www.fire.ca.gov/
    Floridia DOF: http://www.fl-dof.com/

    You might want to look into a structure department somewhere as well. Like Kern County, CA They do it all and hire wildland guys for seasonal jobs. It's just like anything else. Get your foot in the door and the door opens wider with time. Your best chances right now would definately Be the FS or the DOI stuff

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