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    Quote Originally Posted by KyleWickman View Post
    Still waiting for approval on this.

    I've got one just like that! But I can't wear it - we don't have that rank...

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    My old vollie department allowed PODA gear(personally owned,department approved).The folks that can't or don't want to buy their own lids could wear the issue stuff or they could wear their own as long as it met NFPA standards and could take the department shield on the front.You either have Bullard "Tactical Tupperware"in red or blue(proby members)or you can wear the traditional type leather helmets.If you bought your own at a fire school vendor show or from a catalog,you had to turn in the issued gear that it was to replace.This avoided the image of having a working set and a dress set of turnouts and freed up a turnout set for a new member.Just saying what my old department did and not that everyone should go that route.
    It seemed to me that the guys that bought their own gear took better care of it than those who didn't.I wasn't one to roll around in the overhaul pile or put my helmet in the oven to make my gear look seasoned but I knew guys that did.
    Most of the guys and gals that had laid out the green for helmets and the like made sure that it was in good condition.They didn't have an option as often as we who wore issue to say"Hey LT,my bunker pants/boots/gloves/hood have a rip in 'em.Can I snag a new pair outta the closet?"
    Maybe I missed the line where he said that it was unapproved.(least I haven't read all the posts yet)It could be that the *** .Chief was trying to assert authority where it didn't matter.

    Quote Originally Posted by ChiefKN View Post
    Yep, I agree with Bones on this one. We don't allow unapproved equipment. Generally if you want your own turnout pants to wear from home in the middle of the night, we'll let you buy approved pants. Gloves..okay, as long as they are approved.
    Something like a helmet, we want a uniform appearance on the fireground. We would also not allow a non-issued helmet.
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    Cool 10-4

    Everything's fixed now. There was confusion between white hats on what policy was on purchasing helmets, and everyone's on the same page and on good terms.

    See what happens when we all play nice together?

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