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    Default Needed Fire Flow

    Hello, I am working on a needed fire flow excel spraedsheet. Can someone help me run my numbers to see if I have the formulas correct.

    Example 40' X 80' 2 1/2 story block walls, wood roof. non sprinklered
    exposure 1 street
    exposure 2 yard
    exposure 3 yard
    exposure 4 street

    occupancy firehouse

    formula says i need 1870 gpm rounded to 2000 gallons per minute
    i am using IOS guide for fire flow
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    Default Fire Flow

    Are you talking 100% fire involvement or is the fire just one one floor? You might do better on a section other then fire investigation in getting some help.

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    Default Forms

    I have some Excel forms you might get some use out of. I use them for inspections and Preplans.

    If interested send me an email and I can get them to you.

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