Hello, I am looking to join my local fire dept. I have been a volly for over a year for my ambulance corps (American Legion Ambulance Service) and i like what i do. But,im looking for a lil more action. so a few months back I have been talking to my friends who are on the fd. and they are to lazy to get me an application. I am currently going for my EMT-B and I test out end of june. I was unable to go to the last few meeting's due to family problems and other stuff that held me back. but march is when ill be able to go. Thing im asking for is what should i prepair for? as in when will i be able to get my gear in and start class's. i know that every house runs diffrent but i was told that i will have a pager and turnout gear that meeting. What can/should i do to become a better fire fighter? what's the class' like to become a interior fire fighter and would i have to buy my own gear. all help is greatly appresheated.