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    Default Question on the Stearns Driflex cold water rescue suit

    We are looking to purchase new suits, the old Stearns ice rescue suits we had have dry rotted. We are looking to purchase the Mustang Ice Commander IC9001. However Stearns new suit looks identical and costs less. I have heard that Lifeguard systems had multiple leaky suits from Stearns and problems getting satisfaction from Stearns. Can anyone confirm this or have you had your own issues.
    Myself I'd just as soon purchase an American product (Mustang) and not a rip off from China, but money is always a factor.

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    Default No problems getting repairs done ...

    Dive Rescue International has had NO problems getting repairs done on Stearns suits. It is possible that a competitor's customers may be experiencing problems because the competitor is not an authorized Stearns dealer.

    Both the Driflex (Stearns) and the Ice Commander (Mustang) have pros and cons. Patrick Kitchens at Dive Rescue International can go into detail since he sells both AND we use both in our ice rescue training programs.

    If any public safety team is having an issue with their Stearns suit, please contact Dive Rescue International and we will work hard to resolve the issue quickly. It does not matter if you purchased the suit from a competitor since we are advocates for public safety agencies.

    Dive Rescue International can be reached toll free at:

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    Thanks for the reply. We actually just ordered two Mustang suits from Dive Rescue International today.
    It came down to uniformity, Our last two suits were Mustang Ice Commanders and we felt it was more important to have the same thing on every rig.

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    Question Stearns,

    Our department has both suits. The stearns is a very nice suit however I prefer the Ice Commander. This is what I found with the Stearns.

    It leaks like a sive in the face around the neck. Where as the Ice Commander does not. The Stearns are cheaper then the Ice Commander.
    The newer Pro Line - Ice Commander has a newer harness built in it. SWEET.

    Anyway make sure if you use the Ice commander do NOT use wax on the zipper as it destroys the zipper.

    Get what your department can afford.

    Just my thoughts on that..

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    Default Question to JAFA62

    I would like to know why you say not to Wax the Zipper on Mustang Suits. Can JAFA62 or anyone else contact me with the reason for this. Thank You

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