As a new member here I would like to take the opportunity to say how much I appreciate being able to come here and get alot of useful information on all grants in the fire dervice today.I have 3 questions that have found trouble getting answers to when it comes to AFG grants.I am hoping that I can get them answered here or at least give me an idea of where I can get them answered.
1)Can a small rural volunteer dept that has a extremely small and limited budget apply for,and receive a AFG for a used pumper or pumper/tanker?

2)I know that you can apply for reconditioned SCBA's and be successful but do they have to be reconditioned or can you purchase used ones?

3)Can you apply for wildland ppe and receive the funding for it under Ops and Safety,like structural gear?

I am a part of a small rural volunteer dept that is in need of the items above but our budget is so small we cant afford these purchases without help from the likes of AFG and others.

Any help here is greatly appreciated.