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    Default Manufacturing date of a truck

    How is the manufacturing year determined on an apparatus? Is it when originally ordered, or when delivered? Say you order a truck in August 07 but it doesn't get delivered until March of 08. Is it an 07 or an 08? Just something I always wondered.

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    I believe it is the date of final assembly.
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    I don't think it is either one. I think it is the completion date of the cab and chassis.
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    Get this, someone has a better idea in the fire service LOL, but I would think you would want it to be the earliest date....why...makes the piece look older on paper when its getting time to replace
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    My station ordered a truck in September of 2006 and we got it January 2007 and it is counted as a 2007.

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    For a commercial chassis truck or a custom chassis truck, it goes by the year the chassis was completed, not when the "truck" was completed and delivered. At least that has been my experience.

    for example:
    Custom Spartan chassis for an engine was manufactured in 1997, truck was actually completed and delivered in January of 1998, it's considered a 1997.
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    Apparatus Manufacturers provide a document called a "Certificate of Origion" which is provided at settlement. Your State Motor Vehicle Agency will create a Title for your Apparatus from the info on the CoO. Somewhere on the CoO there is a date of final assembly, as Capt Gonz mentioned, and that is the date that shows on your title.
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