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    Default Apparatus Refurbishment Grant

    Our chief would like to reurbish our 1988 E-One 95ft tower. It would be very expensive to replace today as it has many features such as 2000gpm pump, 1000lb tip load and is in very nice shape mechanically. Hydraulic and electrical problems have been showing up the last few years. Anyone get a grant to refurb an existing vehicle would like to show what they wrote or any ideas would be appreciated. Ive been thru NFPA1912 and we're meeting with the E-One rep to see whats involved. Basically we're probably looking at $200,000 for a refurb vs a new ladder for $700,000+.

    thanks Jeff President Absecon Fire Co

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    Default Rehabs

    Unfortunately, if you look at the grant priorities, rehabs are a priority 2 or 3 depending on your classification (urban, suburban, or rural). Anything other than a priority-1 has a snowballs chance of being awarded.

    Dave L.

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    Review NFPA 1901 Annex D this may help answer your question.

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