Ive been a career FireFigfhter EMT for over 5 yrs now, Im 28yrs old.. Im going trew the process threw wackenhut presently to go to Iraq........The state im in doesnt pay FireFighters very well,ande the retirement isnt the best either (50% of 4 highest yrs paid @ 25yrs). My average GROSS income is 30k a yr.
Depending on how the 1st yr goes wil dictate if I do another (from what some of my guys over there is telling me it isnt bad at all)...
I have several IFSAC certs under my belt and would like to relocate too TN , Iwoa or even CO when I get back but thats in the air still...I currently live in the south and would like to know if any of you could pass along some career opurtunitys for someone with my status when I return, so far as for the Gov or something that may pay more and have BETTER retirement..
Any advice will be appreciated..