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    Default Application rate & Foam

    The question is.
    Has it been proven that the use of Class A foam or a CAFS reduces the application rate.

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    Yes .
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    What is the formula for each case.
    Just water-
    With class A-
    Using CAFS -

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    Default Cafs/class A

    Several years ago, in one of the trade magazines, there was a summary of a test done in California, I think by LA County.

    They burned several identical building to guage the effectiveness of class A's, it was actually interesting but I can't remember the actual #'s they gave.

    In comparison to plain water for extinguishment;

    Class A solution was 2-3 times better than water alone

    CAFS was 5 times more efficient.

    There were also tests done by Intelliguard in Colorado on the effectiveness of exposure protection. As far as I know, the #'s were not published. But, It shows CAFS at a significant advantage over class A for a period of, let me guess, about 15 minutes.

    Here is the interesting thing though. When the CAFS was made with a certain protien based concentrate, the protective blanket would last for days.

    Unfortunatily, the protein stained some of the surfaces that it was applied to.


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    Default US Fire Administration


    Check out the above link, there are two good technical reports on CAFS and Class A with the actual figures, advantages & disadvantages. Class A by itself with water is at least 3 times more effective than water, Class A with CAFS is 10x more effective than plain water.

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