I have looked through the forums and do not see a topic or reported issue similar to mine and would like to ask for some assistance. What is happening is as follows:
As an Instructor at our Fire Training Academy we have been using the Phoenix Flashover Training Simulator. During 2 evolutions we have expierienced instances where the Facepiece lenses become damaged. This damage does not affect the seal nor does it fail but it and I have no other explaination but that it spiders with small web like cracks. What we have noted is that the area that is affected is generally in the area facing the Burn area.
We have spoken with Regional Scott rep and he explains it as a Glazing that occurs because of the Anti Scratch coating that is put on it . I am not really looking for information about what to do rather if others have had this happen either in Training or during actual incidents . Any help with this is greatly appreciated

As a side note I am a long time lurker but first time poster and hope to get some positive feedback