I just wanted to encourage everybody who is still in pursuit of following their dream of becoming a firefighter. Keep working hard and never give up hope. It took me 15 years of relentless try and failures to achieve my dream job of becoming a firefighter. Perserverence is what got me my badge. I would like to thank Capt. Bob & Rob for all their help and support along the way. After 13 years I discovered their program & within 2 years secured my job as a firefighter. Their program shortens the learning curve by 1000%. I wished I had known them sooner. It makes me feel terrible when others bash on them and question their expertise in this area. These guys know what they are talking about when it comes to oral & chief's interview skills. They are right when they say that's what gets you your badge. It got me mine. I would also like to thank Paul Lepore. Your book called Smoke Your Firefighter Interview helped me a great deal in preparing for my interviews. I'm 36 and headed to the academy. It's a great feeling when you accomplish what you set out to do. I'm looking forward to the many challenges that await me in starting my career as a professional firefighter. God Bless and Be safe