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    Default Doing Away With Air Force Firefighter

    Has Anyone Heard If They Are Doing Away With Firefighters In The Air Force I Have A Few Friends That Are Thinking About Joining But Worry After They Get In A Do A Few Years That They Might Have To Pick A Other Job

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    Lots of discussion of this on the Military/Federal forum. Short answer: the AF is cutting the number of military FFs, but is not doing away with them.

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    Lets see, pay a guy 40 cents an hour or 30 dollars an hour to do the same thing, hmmmmmmmm oh wait, if he is in iraq its 80 an hour.

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    As far as I can see, they are cutting both AF Firefighters as well as Civilian Firefighters on AF Bases. It is the whole "do more with less" BS.
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    Other than at a very small number of key defence establishments, the Emergency Response capabilties were outsourced to Transfield years ago, here in Oz. (This is on all Army, Navy and Airforce bases) There's a tiny snippet of info here http://www.transfieldservices.com/in...rs/defence.htm

    I've no idea how they're handling it, the pros, cons, etc.

    I could be wrong, but I believe for deployments over seas (Such as Iraq), only ADF personnel get deployed, not Transfield...

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    I recently separated from the AF after serving several years active duty. In my opinion, they're doing away with the whole damn air force.

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    No reason not to join the service just because a job you like is down sizing. Since the volunteer military went into effect, most times that a MOS is eliminated, early retirement has been offered. While that might mean the poension is not to big being early, having the military benifits for life is not something to look down on. Anyone that want to be an USAF FF should not let downsizing hold them back.
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    Default $80/hr.

    Quote Originally Posted by jonnyirons2 View Post
    Lets see, pay a guy 40 cents an hour or 30 dollars an hour to do the same thing, hmmmmmmmm oh wait, if he is in iraq its 80 an hour.
    WOW where do I sign up for that. $80.00 an hour in Iraq?

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    Man if we did that up North of the border that would just give more jobs to the damn Civi's. If they keep cutting back and making more civi jobs, our Military will die off. Only bases in Canada that have DND firefighters are those with planes and that isn't many. Army and Navy bases are all covered by Civilian Employees. Pretty sad.
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