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    Thumbs up A new way to stay in shape!!

    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to pass along a new event organized by some Calgary Firefighters in a fun and challenging way to stay in shape, or a reason to get off the comfy leather recliners!
    A new adventure race series running in the Canadian Rockies with emphasis on fitness, fun and teamwork among Fire EMS and Police Services. Events run from a shortened six hour event to a full on 36 hour non-stop adventure this season with prospects of an expedition length in the coming season.
    The scenery will take your breath away!
    Each and every event is challenging to both the seasoned veterans and to the "rookies" of the sport.
    Teams have already registered and we expect to meet and compete against Firefighters,EMS, and Police from all over North America.
    So if you or anyone you know is up for a real test of your fitness level and would like to compete against firefighters from all over North America check out the current website (still under construction) at www.wheresthefire.ca and register up your team today.....an awesome fitness incentive!
    If you have any more questions you can contact the race directors directly through their website....response to email questions ASAP!

    Thanks to all,
    train hard in order play harder!

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    Default FUN! I wish I could go...

    I used to do obstacle course racing in my 20's... which was a really long time ago. We did team events sometimes, and the bonding was very intense because of the team thing. Corporate America does company seminars and retreats for cohesiveness and unity of purpose. Why shouldn't Firefighters do the same, in a different way? Get a team together from your area, and go... the experience will be one you never forget.

    Coach Jen

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