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    Default Car Fire Tactics

    Posted this in the Safety Section adn thought it would be a good idea to have in the tactics area regarding the hazard of bumper shocks at the scene of a fire. Remember this does not only happen in a fire incident but also at an MVA scene

    Sure its been stressed but here is an actual situation that involved a bumper shock deploying during a fire - luckily no injuries but not really noticed until the overhaul stage of fire link below...

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    Nice educational post!

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    exactly why we go in a 45 degree angle. Great shots.

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    Also, and I know there is a thread around here somewhere...

    Watch out for the struts holding up hoods and hatches.

    They launch like a missle and there's a picture of a guy with one through his leg/boot.

    As if there isn't enough to worry about at a car fire.
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    Also, when you break the rear glass, watch the strut. It usually raises pretty quick with fragments of glass still attached. It is a nice way to get a sweet scar on your face if you are not paying attention.

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    THANK YOU for this information!

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    Here in Ct there have been several incidents with rods from struts shooting out and going quite some distance. One did strike a FF going thru his thigh like an arrow. Pictures where posted somewhere, try firefighter close calls. One thing to remember, any car that has a fire in it is toast, total. It will not be salvageable. totaled by the insurance company. NOT worth risking anything for. Sometimes we have to keep perspective.

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