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    Exclamation Private Parties and Insurance/Safety Concerns at Mahopac Firehouse.

    Since the opening of our new Firehouse in Mahopac, New York, there have been countless private parties where everyone can partake in the consumption of alcohol and spend countless hours into the late night. My concern is that these people have to drive home after leaving our house !! Just two nights ago, my husband and I were out to dinner at a local restaurant and 3 people came into this restaurant who were blatantly drunk. They were going on and on about how nice the firehouse is and how the party was, and I quote, "Kick *** times"..

    Is this the image we want our house to have in this town or any town? I really think the partying should be held to a minimum, that is for "house related functions", not just any old reason to serve booze.. Is there anyone that we can take this matter up with that can make sure all necessary precautions are being taken. My concern is that since this is a "private company", they can do what they want, but since it is after all at our new multi million dollar town centerpiece, I think they shoud consider the ramifications on the peoples perception of what goes on behind closed doors.

    Please advice on any ideas. Thanks alot.

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    Question Addendum.......

    I just have to add that after my last posting, we were told that a local radio station was on hand for the most recent "bash" at the house. I dont want to sound like a prude, but is this facility for parties or to serve the community as a firehouse?? The tax exempt status is being called into question here. I fear we may lose the priviledge of using this place for ANYTHING but official business if a county oversight commitee takes a look into things. I am posting here in the hopes that these matters get addressed behind the scenes before someone else with other interests in mind makes this a public matter, which at this rate, will be sooner than later.

    I know when we all were gung-ho to get this new building, we did so because the town needed this addition. But now, through the grapevine, it seems that the "powers that be" are finding this to be their own personal playground for which them, and only them, can set the ground rules. We cannot have this place being protrayed as a "meeting place" or "after-hours" spot. IT IS A FIREHOUSE PEOPLE, not a social club and at this rate, you are going to ruin it for the rest of us.

    Leave the bday parties and "buddy" parties for your own backyards and BBQ's where they belong. It is only a matter of time that something happens on our grounds that will bring our grant money and fund status to a commitee or under scrutinee. Then, we will HAVE to answer to someone on every aspect of our private business since grant money was involved. At that point, we are not private, we are a public house for all to use at their leisure for whatever family event they please. That, will make a mockery of this amazing building we were so lucky to get our hands on.

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