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    Hey Guys, this is actually my very first post. I am currently a FF in the Air Force, have been for about 6 years now. Here is the problem, my wife and I are from Fort Walton Beach and had not planned on going back. Main reasons for not going back was jobs, shes an accountant, and Fl doesnt accept my certs...which I have many. I am currently a crew chief and Station Capt. I know I can challenge the test for FF1/11. So, I guess thats question 1, How hard is that, and How does that process work?

    My wife just recently informed me that she wants to move back, no matter the pay cut, so what kind of pay can I expect and how plentiful are jobs in that area?

    Question 3 is, I have been applying for jobs everywhere from Antartica to Wa state, I got through in CO, so I go to test with them soon, its a Lt. job with decent pay, so opinions please, should I just not show, or go test and try to get that job...even though the old lady wont be happy??

    Any info/advice is welcome...Im kinda in a pickle.

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    I work for Osceola County south of Orlando....One of the recruits that started with my class almost a year ago was in the Air Force stationed in Arizona....Nothing transffered....He had to retake FF 1&2 as well as EMT.....The state wont even recognize any other classes he has....Out of state he completed Truck Ops, Rope Ops, FO-1 and some of FO-2 as well as Pump Operator and even a few extrication classes....The state and the county dont recognize any of them since they were done out of the state of Florida....i went to standards in 06 and i was told Florida is one of the most difficult states to deal of right now the only test i believe you can challenge is Paramedic as long as you are nationally registered.....My instructor back then also mentioned somethin about challenging the state fire exam but since FL wants you trained there way i dont think they will let you bet is to contact the state fire college in Ocala.

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