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    Default How to get my foot in the door

    Anyone got any advice on how I can get picked up for career firefighting job? I have no experience, nor do I have many people in my immediate family or group of friends that can help me through the process.

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    Depending where you live you mite need EMT-B or ALS certifications before they will even consider you. But if you live in New Jersey like myself, civil service fire departments in the state do not require anything but a GED or HS Diploma, the process in Jersey is:

    1) Apply
    2) Take the written test
    3) Take the physical test
    4) Get ranked on a list
    5) Get hired if you're low enough on the list

    Where do you live? Search google for some major cities near you're town and their residency req.

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    Best way to look for available jobs is to either look at the job postings on the official city/county government website where you want to work, or subscribe to a site like firecareers.com which has a database of current openings.

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