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    Default New Guy..Maybe new FF

    Hi guys..great web site. I am new as a member but I have read articles on this site many times.

    Anyway my visit now is for a different purpose. Up here in Massachusetts they have announced a civil service exam for fire fighters. Since I realize now that I missed by calling in life I am seriously thinking of a career change.

    My question for anyone who can shed light is this..

    I am 44, and there are a fair number of cities and towns in Mass that have no upper age limit. Most towns are 32 or younger. Right now I am in excellent physical shape and think that I would have no problem with the physical agility test after practicing.

    Does anyone know what the likely hood is of being placed on a department at my age, assuming that I pass both the physical, civil service and any other tests?

    Any info would be great.


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    Unless you are a veteran or a resident of a civil service municipality and an EMT-Basic or greater than you have a pretty good chance of being hired onto a department. There are 50 departments here in MA that would hire you that are the "no upper age limit" departments. Pretty much the key to success is to score high on the test. The list goes Veterans.. Resident veterans..Residents..non residents.

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