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Thread: PPE Selection

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    Default PPE Selection

    Does anybody have a sample of their SOG's that address PPE selection? I am creating a new document and would appreciate a sample to get started.

    Thanks and be safe out there!

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    Default i am in the same boat...

    Hey Bryan

    I am also re-writting all of our PPE sog/sop's due to the big changes with NFPA 1851.

    I am in the midst of getting a bunch finished. I can send you what i have in about a week. Will that work for ya?

    I had the benefit of getting a 16 hr cert for 1851, and the instrructor has many pre-written SOG/SOP's written to help get our 1851 "Program" off the ground. I am waiting now for the instructor to send me the digital copies so I can cut and paste the verbage into my departments letterhead. Then from there I will modify the verbage to reflect our Program.

    Let me know how i can help....

    North Tahoe Fire

    PS I can fax/scan the hard copies I currently have if you like......

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    Default PPE Selection

    I haven't read these in depth, but they should serve as a place to start:

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    If possible could you send me a copy of what you get as well. I would like to compare them to what we are using and see what we might need to work on. Thanks.


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    That sounds great if you could send me what you have so far. It would be greatly appreciated.

    Email would be great if possible.



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