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    Default Deleted thread.

    Deleted thread.
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    Our battalion chiefs are full union members. BC, here anyway, is the last legit rank, and is in charge of one of the three shifts at 4 or 5 five fire houses (it depends on the battallion - usually 4). Beyond that are called "exempt ranks" which includes deputy district chief and district chief. These are non-tested, appointed positions. I think our BC's belong in the union because tey are tested positions, not clout jobs. I don't know if this helps or not.
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    The same as Chicago. Batt. Chief is a civil service, tested, union position, but Dep. Chief (we only have 1 per group, in charge of the whole city for that group) is appointed by the mayor ('s office), and as a political appointee, has no union membership or protection.
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    All civil service positions in my FD are in the Union.
    Firefighter, Lieutenant, Captain and Deputy Chief.

    The Chief is a political appointment.
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    Ours is much like Gonzo's; firefighters, captains, district chiefs and deputies are union. Firefighters and captains in a local, and the chiefs are in the Fire Supervisors local. Deputies are appointed by the Chief. Assistant chief is admin.
    No Battalion chiefs on our department.
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    Until recently everyone was in the union...even the Chief of Department.

    Firemen are represented by the Uniformed Firefighters Association

    And all officers Lt, Capt, Battalion Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs are represented by the Uniformed Fire Officers Association.

    The UFOA recently sold out the COD position for a fraction of a percent in a giveback to the city.


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    Our BC's are also in the union. They are the highest rank protected by the union.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChicagoFF View Post
    Beyond that are called "exempt ranks" which includes deputy district chief and district chief. These are non-tested, appointed positions.
    is your chief/commissioner also a non-test, appointed position, and is he or she usually found from an internal candidate pool or an external one?
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    The B/C's in my department are forbidden by the city from joining the union, and now the chief has taken away their overtime. B/C overtime is now covered by an acting Battalion Chief.
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    BC's are in the union, all above BC are not. Our union Pres is a BC and the best one we have had in a long time.

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    Smile Nope, not in the union

    Our BC's are not in the union and I think they like it that way. Based on IAFF guidelines, a union member should not be involved in investigating another union menber. In our dept, it is the BC that does investigating if nessary.

    That is just a tid-bit of why the BC's are not in the union.

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