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    Default Request for information

    I am currently doing research for my fire association on incident command at motor vehicle accidents. We are having problems with local law enforcement trying to assume command, order fire/rescue personnel off the scene, and cancel fire response. If anyone could lead me toward information relating to this debate I would appreciate it. Also any case law/court rulings that may help us. Thanks in advance.

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    Default I Hope This Helps

    In South Carolina, we have the emergency powers act.
    http://www.scstatehouse.gov/code/t06c011.htm is the link to it. It is under Article 9 in section 16-11-1410 and it also has the following amendment included: Section 56-5-1538 (A). I don't know if it's on the actual link, but it can be found under the South Carolina code of laws. Like I said, I hope this helps. Good luck.
    Mike Lassiter
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    In Ohio, the fire chief or his designee is in charge of the incident scene. Not the police.

    We are pretty lucky to have a great working relationship with all the area PD's and the State Highway Patrol.
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    Check your state law. In the north eat a lot of states say that if there is a life safety hazard exists the fire chief or designe is in charge of the scene. Now most folks intrupurt that if a lay person says there is a hazard then until a trained individual (member of FD) says otherwise then one exists.

    Next perhaps your chief and the police chief should sit down and have a conversation. If each side know where the other is coming from maybe you can find a way to smooth out your issues. In may previous department we came to an agreement that PD could downgrade the FD and then only an officer and/or first engine contiues with traffic. Also, PD was alot more willing to have us when they realized we could direct traffic to free them up. Two cops in town 5 fire trucks how do you want to use the town's resources.

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