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    Default New Firefighter going into training- FLorida

    Hello all,
    I have just moved down to Florida at the end of September last year. I was a volunteer firefighter for Bordentown NJ for about six months. I have always thought about getting into a fire department full time for some years now. I have moved to Florida to do so. I start school in August. It is a fast track degree program, not only do I leave with all my certs I will also leave with an associates degree in fire science afteronly two years. I just wanted to introduce myself.

    I have been looking at this site for some time now and I finally joined. If anyone has any pointers let me know.

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    Welcome to the forum and good luck with your future career.

    Brady Lewis
    Spanish 4 Emergencies - FREE Online Spanish Language Training for Fire/EMS/Police/Dispatch

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