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    Default LDH manifolds

    The department I work for just received three (3) portable manifolds with a 5.0" storz inlet and outlet and four (4) 2-1/2" outlets. All outlets are gated and the manifold has a pressure relief valve.

    Besides being used at a tanker fill site, what other uses have departments found useful?

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    boat anchor
    I can't believe they actually pay me to do this!!!

    One friend noted yesterday that a fire officer only carries a flashlight, sometimes prompting grumbling from firefighters who have to lug tools and hoses.
    "The old saying is you never know how heavy that flashlight can become," the friend said.
    -from a tragic story posted on

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    Default LDH manifold use

    We run 1250's and 1500's as attack engines. Our 3rd due engine is a 1750 with a large CAT for a powerplant. Tests at Pierce showed that at 135 PSI from draft (our design requirement) it can supply 2154 gpm. This engine drops a manifold between the two attack engines or between an engine and the quint and lays out. Connecting a pair of 25 ft. sections of 3" from the manifold to the intake on the attack engine or quint allows a flow of 1200 gpm (600 gpm / line) with a loss of 9 psi from the manifold to the intake. Do not try to get this type of flow through the pony suction, because the elbows will have 40psi or more loss. You must have a 6" x 2 - 2 1/2 gated siamese on the intake to go directly into the pump. A 400 ft lay of 5" can supply flows approaching 2200 gpm if the hydrant is capable. If the hydrant can supply 2200 gpm at 20 psi residual, the Pierce can feed the relay at 155 psi with more than enough for two master stream devices on the fireground.
    Often on a large operation, some engines or aerials will be starved for flow, but by dropping a manifold 50 or 100 ft. back will allow a 3" to be patched into the manifold and help make up for the deficiency in another part of the fireground.

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    It would make one heck of a forestry manifold. LDH from supply engine
    to the manifold then 2 1/2 supply lines to brush truck or a 2 1/2 X dbl. 1 1/2 wye to supply forestry packs. Move a lot of water up into the hinterlands when grubbing a pine forest.

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    Default Phantom Pumper

    We purchased a LDH manifold about 20 years ago for for 2 specific uses:

    A regional shopping mall for interior firefighting. Drag one 5" inside the building and hook in high rise packs (1 3/4 or 2 1/2) with the ability to extend to a gated wye (5" x 3 - 3").

    We also have appartment/townhouse complexes with sidewalks for stree adresses.

    We have also placed the manifold in line to feed other units on the scene. We have a 5" x 2- 5" gated wye that works better for this.

    The biggest limitation is the FL and distance while keeping a max of 185 PSI DP (NFPA recomended) on the line. Less than 1000 GPM no problem, but start using deluge sets with fog nozzles and the rated PSI for the hose starts to catch up with you.


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    I'm about to buy a couple for my dept. In a rural setting where we might have to park in front of the structure ( usually a barn ) and run many hundred feet of hose way around back, it works well to run the LDH around back w/ a manifold and connect the 2.5" and 3" lines off of it.

    One of our neighbors uses them w/ good results. Due to the time and manpower needed to set such a thing up w/ a few hundred feet of LDH and multiple 2.5" hoses, it isn't the first attack option, or to quickly protect a threatened exposure. Generally for the surround and drown after exposures are accounted for.

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