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    I am currently in the military but am interested in a career as a firefighter when I seperate. I have a little less than a year left in the service so I am trying to get as much accomplished now as I can so that I am better prepared.

    Is there anything else that I can do aside from basic EMT certification? I'm a little worried because I'm in Florida right now but will be moving back home to Colorado to look for employment, so I want to make sure that whatever certifications I aquire now will be recognized in Colorado.

    Also, does anyone know how difficult the hiring process in Colorado? I have a family to support when I get out of the military, so I'm also a little concerned as far as how long it will take to get hired

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    Jim- thank you for your service to our country. there is a good thread in this forum about DRCOG test that you should read. read my response to your post on FIRECAREERS as well.


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