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    Default Not a newbie in the service but to this site!

    Hey everyone! I am a female firefighter/emt-b from a rural dept in NW OH. We have 35 members, most of us are cross-trained.
    We respond to roughly 250 EMS calls and about 20 fires in a year. We are truly a small rural dept. but we are one of 8 depts in this county that covers fire and rescue. We also have mutual aid agreements with depts in Michigan and our neighboring counties in OH.
    Currently we have 8 trucks (includes ambulances) on our station which is the oldest operating station in our county. Is that enough about our dept?
    I joined the dept in 2000 at the ripe age of 31! I waited until my son was old enough to understand what it was that mom was wanting to do with her "spare" time! By the time I was a few years into my membership I divorced my husband...and married my best friend, a fellow firefighter/emt-I on my dept. Its kinda cool having a spouse who understands our passion for the fire service and saving lives! My son is now 16 and he is ready to take on the fire service too!
    Not a whole lot more to say...I have one technical question, after all that
    We are currently training some of our members in RIT. Are there other depts out there that are trained in RIT?? We need to know how to promote it within our county to spark interest.

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    In my town :-)


    Welcome to the site.
    ~But with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26~

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    Thanks!! I love it! I am getting alot of great ideas from it!
    Jami Sue


    Live each day as if it were your last!

    Ember Lou loves all of her firefighter families!

    GFFD forever!!

    Gorham-Fayette Fire Explorers Rock!!

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    Hello FireChick. Welcome to the forum.

    Brady Lewis
    Spanish 4 Emergencies - FREE Online Spanish Language Training for Fire/EMS/Police/Dispatch

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