It's been nearly a year since I began the process of FF recruit for the Lexington, KY Fire Department, and after taking a physical three weeks ago I received my later stating I will be in the next class. The academy was to start this coming Monday so I took a week of vacation and quit my current job. Well, last week the mayor unveiled a city wide audit which he paid a consulting firm $364,000 to analyze each agency. The results the firm came up with concerning the FD were that we don't need three people to an ambulance; only two and three chief positions should be eliminated. Thus, our recruit class has been frozen with no timeframe, if any, we will be hired on.

So now I'm unemployed and searching for job to get by until the city figures out what to do. I heard one guy who got hired from out of state has already moved here awaiting the job in which we no longer have.

The local political battles have really put a lot of new hires who thought we'd landed our dream job into a horrible situation