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    Default Wanting to do wildland, need help figuring out who to go with

    I've decided that I need money this summer but I want to do something that will give me fire experience, so I decided on wildland firefighting. I don't know who to go with though. My options are: several private agencies throughout my area (Salem, Oregon), through ODF (have a location here in town and they're hiring), or through what seems to be a multitude of federal agencies.

    What's the difference between them all and between all of the federal agencies? I really just don't know who to go with here.
    -Josh Brehm


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    Why limit yourself to one venue? For cryin' out loud man.. apply to everywhere and see what you get offered. You have all sorts of options as a resident of Ory-gun.... you can say NO to the low bid... and don't hesitate to ask if you can have a week to think about the offer, and see if you get a better one.

    ODF - responsible for protection of private and state lands...

    Feds - lots of opportunites.. travel across the nation, paid vacation and sick time every 2 weeks... transferable nationwide, and across agency boundries.

    contract - hit and miss for work... hit and miss for professionalism/safety etc.

    Throw out apps everywhere and see what comes back
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