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Thread: Help Houston FD

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    Default Help Houston FD

    Hey Guys,

    Houston Fire Department Station 6 (6th ward-inner city) has entered into a contest to win $25,000 in free furniture for the firehouse. These guys put together a great commercial and really need other firefighters to VOTE for them.

    If you can take just a few seconds to vote for the video it would go a long way!

    Here is the link to view the video and vote. You have to fill out a very short form, it take all of 5 seconds!


    Thanks again and stay safe!

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    Voted. They're behind by a lot. Didn't see when it ended?

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    Done. Good luck guys!!!

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    Default Ends

    I believe it ends April 1st. If not, sometime in April!

    Please forward this on to everyone you know. I'd rather see the furniture go to good use for good people.

    Thanks for your votes!

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