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    Default Insight for LA City test?

    Does anyone have any insight to the LA City testing process. I am traveling in from WA to test. Just trying to get an idea of what to expect or if I do get to the next steps, how many trips I can plan on making.

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    One for the written test.
    One for the oral board.
    One to turn in your background packet.

    After that you will not have to make a trip down untill the medical and psych. Do NOT get your hopes up, even if you are in the medical stage of the process. They move A LOT of people on. The process also takes a very long time so be patient.

    Good luck. Great department.

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    I'm going through the initial panel for my background right now. The first part of the process moved pretty quick for me. I went for my written in January. Passed and had my interview in February. They scheduled me so that if I passed my interview with a 95 or higher(what you need to assure that you will move on) I could do my background interview the same day since I'm from Milwaukee, WI. I got through that and I'm about a month into the initial panel. So hopefully I'll know if I move on in about another month.

    Like BKDRAFT said, it's a tough process. There are a lot of applicants(2nd biggest dept in the country) so a lot will be cut.

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