I have a code question and would appreciate any assistance and opinions. I am a civil engineer working on a site plan for a large warehouse store. I am looking for clarification on the flow requirements for flow tests referenced in NFPA 291. The code states "....or to flow the total demand necessary for fire-fighting purposes." Specifically, I would like clarification on the definition of "fire-fighting purposes". The building requires an outside water flow of 8000 gpm, but allows for a 75% reduction with fire sprinklers, so the hydrant flows required will be 2000 gpm. The sprinklers will require 1960 gpm, which includes 500 gpm for outside fire fighting water (from a sprinkler consultant). So, I read the total demand necessary for fire-fighting purposes as 2000+1960 = 3960 gpm. However, the sprinkler guys are saying the total required to flow for the test is only 2000 gpm. Since the reduction to 2000 gpm is because of the use of sprinklers, shouldn't the "fire-fighting purposes" be the two rates together? We will be meeting with the local chief also, but for this discussion, please assume that all stated numbers above are true. I appreciate clarification from a variety of sources. thank you.