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    Default Bachelors in Fire Science

    Here's my basic question: I am going to Suffolk University in Boston, Ma. Can I attend this school, live on their campus, get a Bachelors degree in a field at least related to firefighting (public services for example) at Suffolk and, during my four years there, also earn an associates (or even bachelors) degree in fire science online?

    I only ask because I want to, and pretty much have to, go to school in Boston and there are no schools aside from community colleges that offer a degree in fire science or any related field. Can anyone help me? It would be much appreciated.

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    I am in a similar position as you. I am a jr. and high school and what I plan on doing is going to college and taking a completley different major than the firefighting route in college (to keep my options open) but, once I graduate I am probably going to enroll in some fire science courses at other colleges in two year programs. However if you look at majoring in fire science some 4-year colleges near Boston that do that are: Anna Maria (Paxton, Ma.) has a fire science major and The University of New Havent (New Haven, Ct.). Good luck and I hope that was somewhat helpful.

    I found www.collegeboard.com to be very helpful when looking for colleges!!!!

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    I think I've seen fire science degrees online before, just not sure which exactly they were.

    I'm heading to NJCU next year for my BA in Fire Science. Good luck to ya!

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    Go to Worcester Polytechnic Institute and get the FPE degree. Hope you're good at math. www.wpi.edu

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    Default Check out University of Maryland- University College

    University of Maryland -University College offers a fire science degree I believe it's a distance learning program, so you can do most, if not all, of the coursework via the internet.
    Anyone interested in a fire service career should look into The University of Maryland College Park and UM-University College. The UMCP offers a Fire Protection Engineering Degree, more engineering than firefighting, but the fire houses in the area are full of students looking to advance into the fire service field.
    Without inciting debate about the PGFD and the entire DC metro area, I can say as an alumni of the system I gained valuable experience, that would have been difficult to come by in another setting.

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