Did anyone else notice how many people that took Fort Worth's Dec. '07 written exam were completely out of shape? I know the written test is open to anyone who pass the initial qualifications (criminal, drug use, etc.) but come on!

I'm not talking about "beer belly" out of shape, I'm talking about people like the guy who was behind me during check in. He was morbidly obese, wheezing heavily, and looked like he was going to have a heart attack from just having to stand in line. I know you have about 5-6 months from the time you first apply until the beginning of academy to get into shape, but these people I saw didn't have a chance if they acually got hired. Do they not know the job functions of a firefighter? I just wonder how many of those people scorced really high on the written exam, then decided not show up to PAT's, drop out at some point during the hiring process or get fired once in the academy because they can't hack PT's. I think it puts those who actually stay in shape (but may have scorced a point or two less) at an disadvantage. Your thoughts?

I know I aced most of Fort Worth's exam. But I screwed up on the agree/disagree portion of the test, so I think I'll have to wait 'til Dec. '08/Jan. '09 to take Fort Worth's next test. I'm not giving up! With all this time to wait, I completed my EMT-B and will be going the TCC's fire academy this summer. Then it's off to Haz-Mat tech school in Sept. I know Fort Worth doesn't require any of that before applying, but it's nice to already get the cert's since I'll have the time to get them.