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    Question Canada Firefighters

    To those of you who are currently Canadian firefighters or were trainied in Canada what certifications did you take or what degree did you recieve? I am interested if anyone has studied to be a firefighter in Canada but wanted to work in the United States and how those certifications transfered into the United States fire service?? Do any United States certifications transfer into the Canadian fire service? I have some US certifications but am considering the possibility of studying in Canada and then returning home after training to search for a job.

    I found a college in Canada (Lambton) that offered Fire Science Technology which seemed to be very similar to the program here in the US I was looking at. The other college I found was Seneca with a Fire Protection Engineering degree which seemed more like an administrative thing than an actual Firefighter position. I found various other colleges that offered Pre-Service Firefighter programs which I felt were not advanced enough. If anyone has additional insight into the different programs it would be greatly appreciated.

    The other scenario is working in Canada. How many jobs are opening up as firefighters? I most liked the province of Ontario when I visited. Do US certifications hold any water up in Canada?? Has anyone ever went from the US to being a Canadian firefighter? If so was it hard to be allowed into the country to work and get permanent residency to find a job??

    To anyone that has any answers thanks in advance for your time.

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    All accredited courses that I have taken (through Manitoba Emergency Services College) are IFSAC (International Fire Service Accreditation Congress)

    You can see a list of accredited entities here:

    You can view the IFSAC site here:

    Of the IFSAC accredited entities available in Manitoba, I have taken:
    Fire Fighter I
    Fire Fighter II
    Fire Investigator (Level I - I'm not accredited yet)
    Fire Service Instructor I
    Hazardous Materials Awarness
    Hazardous Materials Operations

    Basically, these entities are recognized anywhere in Canada. As for on an international level...as long as an employer recognizes IFSAC they should recognize at least some of the entities listed.
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    I dont know anything about Lambton, but the school out in Vermillion, AB is about the best in the country. If its still in operation, its been a long time since I last looked it up in Google.

    As for recognition between Canada and the US, it really very much depends on where you are applying. Some states and counties have their own fire schools, and for the most part, you will be required to attend their academy. That being said, some will allow you to challenge the exams and if you do well, they will give reciprocity - but not all will allow that. The only things that Fairfax County FD accepted from my Canadian certs were my ICS qualifications. I had the 100 and 200 done before moving here, still had to ramp up with the 700, but that was done online.

    I just receieved my Fire I and II certs from FX Co, and on the certificate it reads that it's accredited under the National Professional Qualifications System, National Professional Board on the Fire Service Professional Qualifications. I dont know how much power that blue crest has, but it sure does have a lot of big words in it.

    Take care in your research on where you want to move to, if you are desiring employment down here.
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    The school in Vermillion is still up and running http://www.fire-etc.ca/ there is also a school in Sherwood Park (next to Edmonton) AB that uses Vermillion for practical stuff. http://www.esacanada.com/ that is the school I went to and now I am have my NFPA 1001 which is recognized all accross Canada. As for hiring..pretty much anywhere in Alberta is hiring LOTS of people.
    www.firehall.com - check it out

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