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    Default Maintenance Procedures

    A quick general question: How many departments out there routinely flush out their pumps and their tanks?
    Reason I ask: Being a fire truck mechanic, and doing a fair amount of ball valve rebuilds, I often ask when the last time a department flushed out the pump and tank. As often as not, the answer is either "never" or "it's been a while."
    A very easy and from my viewpoint necessary part of any maintenance schedule should be to flush out both tank and pump. It's a very simple thing to do. You don't even have to engage the pump. Simply bring the truck out to the apron or anywhere large amounts of water would not pose a problem, open all drains and discharges, and then open the tank to pump valve. Let the tank completely drain out, and that's it. Refill it and park it. This is especially important for units that do not see a lot of action (maybe it's a brush rig that doesn't see much fire, maybe it's the third due engine, etc.) If possible, I'd recommend doing it at least once a month. However, especially for volunteer departments and such, minimum should be twice a year.
    Just curious if I am crazy or not.
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    I've actually been told the same thing by truck manufacturers. It should be done even more often if you have high iron in your water.

    We do it once a month as part of our regular maintenance program.
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    All pumps are back-flushed on the first day of each month. Tanks are flushed during routine service, which is every 3 months or 3k miles, whichever comes first.
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    As a former water well driller, I can tell you that you'd be amazed at the amount of sand that gets pulled up into a large diameter water system. We flush the pumps monthly but more importantly we open the valve on the sand trap on the bottom of the tank. Sometimes it gets so full of sand that you have to shove something up there to break it apart.

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