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    Default Director of Operations-Ogdensburg Rescue Squad-St.Lawrence County,New York

    Applications can be found at www.ogdensburgrescue.org or you may send resume and letter of interest to Ogdensburg Volunteer Rescue Squad 101 State Street Ogdensburg New York 13669 Attn:Board of Directors.You may also contact 315-393-0837 Fax:315-394-0958

    Director of Operations
    Requirements for Consideration
    1. New York State certified AEMT-P or AEMT-CC preferred. If not currently certified, must
    be willing to obtain certification.
    2. Physically and mentally capable of performing the duties defined in the NYS functional job
    description of an EMT/AEMT.
    3. Knowledgeable of EMS systems, rules, and regulations.
    4. Posses good ethics and social traits.
    5. Committed and available for required work schedule, meetings, negotiations, community service,
    etc. The anticipated work week is 40 hours. Additional hours (within legal limitations) may be
    required to fulfil the duties of this position.

    The Director of Operations is employed under a contract with the OVRS Board of Directors. Salary
    range is $39,000 – $50,000 depending upon experience and qualifications. Salary is based on a 40 hour
    work week. The OVRS provides $500.00 per month toward Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance. This
    currently covers the full premium for individual insurance coverage. The OVRS provides matching
    contributions to an IRA account up to 3% of salary, 9 paid holidays per year, and 12 accumulating hours
    of sick/vacation time per month.

    Anticipated Duties
    1. Perform the administrative and management duties necessary for the day to day operation of the
    2. Responsible for supervision and scheduling of EMS personnel and crews, utilizing paid and
    volunteer staff.
    3. Approve and oversee, in accordance with the bylaws and SOP, all operations and capital improvements.
    4. Oversee ordering of all supplies for day to day operations.
    5. Respond to EMS calls when necessary.
    6. Implement all governmental or medical rules and regulations to assure that the OVRS is
    fully compliant with said regulations.
    7. Investigate problems and/or complaints and make a report to the Board of Directors for
    their action.
    8. Ensure that the OVRS maintains New York State and regional certification.
    9. Represent the OVRS at all necessary state, regional, and local meetings.
    10. Assure that the building and grounds are kept orderly, safe, and neat.
    11. Stay abreast of current EMS trends pertinent to the operation of the OVRS.
    12. Provide positive public relations in all possible manners, including, but not limited
    to public speaking, presentations, educational programs, etc.
    13. Provide information to the media in accordance with the bylaws and SOP.
    14. Process all requests for information and legal notices in accordance with regulations and
    OVRS policy.
    15. Prepare monthly and yearly reports for the membership, Board of Directors, municipal
    officials, and the press.
    16. Demonstrate leadership and decision making ability.
    17. Oversee vehicle maintenance, cleaning, and stocking.
    18. Ensure that training is provided to and completed by all OVRS members on a regular
    19. Oversee the processing of pre-hospital care reports for distribution to regional, state, and
    revenue recovery agencies.
    20. Perform other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.
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