Looking for some advise on station select dispatch. I'm from a dept 84 union guys strong, 6 stations, 8,000 runs/yr. Currently our dispatchers are run through the PD. They have the technology (have for yrs) but refuse to transition into station select dispatch. Right now every station house hears every call 24 hours/day. We've got some medical studies regarding cardio. We've got comparisons in-state. But dispatchers are holding the switch as a bargaining chip that the city refuses to address since it doesn't affect them.

Any advise??? We are about at our witts end. Nobody sleeps on the job or at home. Our Chief is in favor of the switch, but isn't willing to stick his neck out. If anyone has medical studies, strategies, or anything else that may help us get a long over due technology (especially since the dispatchers have had the technology for over 10yrs), I'd be greatly appreciative.

Thanks in advance for any advise or help.