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    Default Veterans Affairs Firefighters

    What do you know about the VA fire system? I just applied with them and would like to know more about it.

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    50% inspections
    40% paper work
    10% E.M.S.

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    They generally cover VA hospital complexes, so not a lot of area. I know the VA hospital at American Lake used to have it's own FD, not sure if they still do. The entire facility was just under 400 acres. Not going to be a lot of run volume in a 400 acre area.

    Since most VA hospitals are located in urban areas, they usually are protected by the local municipal FD. If I worked at one of the ones that had it's own FD, I'd be worried about being shut down.

    On the plus side, you'd be in the Fed system (I think) and could transfer to another GS position if you needed/wanted to.

    Good luck.

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    Default VA Firefighter

    Usualy 24/48 not bad pay for 24/48 beats most cities pay. But not alot going on.

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