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    Default Michigan/Canada FF Reciprocity

    I am a certified Texas firefighter, I am FF2 and I was thinking about relocating Michigan (for family). I have had a hard time locating information for reciprocity for the state. I am IFASC certified., can anyone help? Who do I speak with, whats the process, do they accept other state certs, etc.? Also thinking about possibly heading to Ontario, Canada, any information would help thanks!
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    Lots of guys from Canada and Ontario on www.firehall.com and as far as I know Ontario is kind of hit and miss about recognizing NFPA some places perfer you get Ontario certs through the Ontario Fire Marshall
    www.firehall.com - check it out

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    IFASC certs are transferable to Ontario. The OFM Firefighter Certification Program is IFASC based.

    A LOT of Canucks go to Training Division, and other Texas fire schools to get their certs, (Quicker than college pre-service or the volley route) and transfer them back home.

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    Also, unfortunately, Michigan has been pretty dead for the past couple years. Seems to be more layoffs and station closures in the full time arena than hiring going on. Beautiful state, especially up north, just tough in the fire service.

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