Taking the written exam on the 13 March. I just got out of the military and live in Colorado. I have many study books over the exam but I have study but they are all different and I want to make sure I have everything I need too know about the exam. What does it cover? How hard is it? what other info do I need to know about the dallas fire rescue? What is the oral interview like(do they have one)? What questions does the lie detector test ask(do they have one)? Do they do a hair follicle drug test or urine? How long after the written test does all the other test take place? I know that this seems like a lot but they give none of this info on their website and I have talk to fire departments here in Colorado but they say its different at each city. I would be thankful for any assistance.

Thank You, Robert
P.S. I'm new to this forum if there is a different forum I might be able to get these answers from please let me know.