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    Default Getting guys to do weekly training

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this or not. I'm a member of a small volunteer department with about 15 active members. For months now our training has consisted of sitting around the station talking and watching tv. My department is mostly made up of older guys with including myself 5 younger guys. The problem is that the current chiefs arent too into training and the training we actually do is always the same... drafting out of a stream or lake, which we've done a lot. I understand that with the small amount of guys that show up to training we cant do a lot, but the other guys have come to me and asked if we're ever going to do anything different, and I being our Captain am in the middle of the food chain so its ultimately up to the chiefs. Just wondering if anyone had any sugguestions on changing things and actually getting some sort of training program set up with this kind of attitude towards training from the chiefs? Thanks.

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    Is there anything to stop you from taking the guys that are motivated out for training on a day other than your training night? Get the guys that are motivated and let the decide what they want to learn and work on that first. If they get their morale and motivation up, it might be contagious.
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    I am a huge fan of drills...got any abandoned houses you could use to train in? Do a live drill once a month and use what mistakes or miscues for training. How about using a business or an unusual structure in your area as a tabletop drill. Set it up and go over a scenerio. Don't leave your chief in the dark...make sure you share with him what you are hearing from the newer members. Captains can take charge cant they? Step up!

    jb made a good point...it is contagious!

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    A couple other things to consider...is there a local technical college that has a fire science program? If so talking to them might spur some ideas for new and different trainings. If you can build a good relationship with these instructors they may be willing to come to your village to assist with drills or allow your dept. to use their facilities for trainings. Also, you could look into taking some instructor courses yourself to bring some new ideas back to your dept. Another option is to find out what neighboring depts are doing and use their ideas or even initiate joint trainings.

    As another person said, talk to your chiefs and let them know what the troops are saying. Some of these options may cost money, but money invested in training is never wasted. I am a firefighter/emt on a volunteer department similar in size to yours and we are able to maintain a fairly diverse and strong training schedule through all of the means described above. It just takes some creativity and looking for options outside and taking the initiative to get the ball rolling. Good luck and stay safe!
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    As a Capt., you should take it upon yourself to educate and motivate your fellow FF's. You don't need a Chief to train anyone, all you need is someone qualified and willing to take the time and effort to pass on their lessons of expierience and book knowledge. If you truely are concerned, then do what any good officer would do, teach them what you know!

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