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    Default How is Seating Capacity for buildings done?

    Does anyone know the formulas and procedures for how person capacity in new buildings is done? Someone asked me what the fire capacity for their new community building is and I don't have a clue. Pre-thanks for any help on this.

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    Look to your state fire code. Depending upon what state you are in they may or may not have adopted the International Fire Code. Most states fire codes are available online from the fire marshals office.

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    In Louisiana, the State Fire Marshall's Office reviews under NFPA 101. If your jurisdiction uses the NFPA codes, it is under NFPA 101 Chapter 7 Means of Egress Table


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    Your best bet is to talk to your local building and/or fire code enforcement people.

    Basically, though, occupant load is calculated based on use (assembly, business, mercantile, etc.) and square footage (may be gross or net footage, depending on occupancy and code), but may be limited by fixed seating arrangements or exit capacity (number, width, and arrangement of exit features).

    If you're lucky, you may be able to pull a CO (certificate of occupancy) that has this information listed, or it may be posted as a max. capacity somewhere in the building.

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