My name is Diana Duncan, and I'm the author of six published novels, one of which was recently nominated for a RITA award, which is the Oscars of writing.

My previous books have been about military guys, FBI agents and SWAT cops. I've had incredibly terrific cooperation and generous help & support from soldiers & chopper pilots & LEO's on forums and thru email all across the country. Now that I'm writing a new proposal for my editor featuring a firefighter, I'm hoping some good firefighters will step up to the plate.

I invest hundreds of hours of hard work and meticulous research into every book. Even if the details don't get into print, they make all the difference to the feel of the setting and characters.

If you're interested in answering detailed firefighting questions for me, I've found the easiest communication is usually through email.

An example of some of the questions I need answered are:

I've just started my research, and am beginning to learn some details about firefighting, but don't have a lot of them down yet. I have a situation where my well-trained firefighter protagonist is in a small town with an untrained, inexperienced group of community volunteers. If he goes with them to a fire in an elementary school (lots of books, papers, desks flammable stuff inside, but no kids), what might he see that would tell him the fire is about to get very dangerous? I need him to prevent a disaster for the volunteers.

For example, maybe he sees signs that if they ventilate wrong, it'll cause a backdraft?

What would those signs be? I've read soot-blackened windows, the smoke "breathing" through door cracks (what does that look like?). Are there other signs? Would he see them from inside or outside the building? What would he instruct the volunteers to do differently to prevent them from getting injured?

Can you give me visceral details about what it's like to work a fire? What does it smell like? Feel like? Sound like? Look like?

I have more technical questions like that.

I'd also like to know what motivates people to become firefighters.

For now, I have a rural town setting, but eventually, I'll need specific information about fighting wildfires and smokejumping.

My email address is: writedianaduncan@msn.com

My website is: http://www.dianaduncan.com

Thanks in advance for anyone who volunteers to help me out! You'll get an acknowledgement in the forward of my book if you want. Or not. Totally your choice.