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    my suggestion is the same as everyone else's....practice. take it one item, and one step at a time. get a rythm and do it the same way every time. this also helps eliminate confusion the first time the tone drops for a fire as you will be proficient at donning your ba.

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    Practice. You will get to where the tones drop at 3 am for a fire and before you even realize it you are fully bunked out, ready to go to work before the truck even leaves the house. I just ended my probation, I thought when I started in the academy there is NO FRIGGIN WAY to be fully bunkered with SCBA ready to rock and roll in a minute and a half, our times were 3+ minutes just to get our turnouts on correctly. Turns out it can be done in < a minute. My personal best was 57 seconds from sitting at the dinner table...

    Anymore I can be turned out minus BA before the truck is even started...

    Oh yeah, practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect...


    The opinions in the above post do not reflect those of my department... Hell they don't even necessarily reflect my own opinion.


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    Default practice

    We have 60 seconds to go from wearing our turnout pants and jackets on and our hood on. then its the minute to be breathing air and into the rest of our PPE. It can be done as the test for those of us in mod 3 will be this Saturday. Probie1 if you want to practice and your near Swissvale drop me a line and Id be willing to practice with you. It may not be a bunch of time left but, practice like you mean it. also get with your line officers and other fire fighters they may know how to shave off a few seconds here and there. Dont over think it(That is where I get messed up) and lay out your gear as you need it. air pack then mask, then helmet and gloves last. Good luck and who knows maybe see you in class.

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    Its very possible, with a little determination and alot of practice you can go from full street clothes to Complete Donning of your PPE and SCBA and clicked in breathing Air in well under a minute. My personal Best was 47 seconds from street clothes to on air.

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