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    Default New to the field and have some basic questions please help!!!

    I'm new to this field but I ahve a business opportunity and I want to know what requirments and steps are needed to have a licence in fire prevention and safety.
    This is what I have to do. I do maintenance in an apartment complex with around 50 building. They have around 15 fire control panels that are connected to the fire dept via wireless connection.
    I'm tech inclined , electrician , and electronics are not new to me.
    I have installed multizone temperature controllers/intercoms and things of that nature so I'm familiar with this technology.
    My question is what are the steps/courses to get a licence into this field.
    Mainly the field of servicing these panels and being approved by the fire dept of my city.I know they require a licenced person so I need to get that licence.
    I did some research online but there is not to much info regarding this.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks guys and be safe.

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    Ask your local city, and or state Fire Marshall each city,state has different requirements. What city and state are you interested in that would help answer what is required.
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    The job site is located in Glendale heights IL

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