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    Does anyone have any good ideas on fund raising?

    I am the new vp of our post and I have been assigned the task of
    finding ways of fund raising.

    We are trying to pay for new jackets(not turnouts) and a trip to
    Montour Falls (NY State Fire Academy) Explorer Weekend.

    Comments will be greatly appreciated.
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    Chicken plates are a huge ticket item around here. Also, some other ideas are car washes, raffles, bake sales, yard sales, private donations, sponsorships and donations from local businesses, Bingo, getting the department to front half the money, the possibilities are limitless.
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    BBQ plates is a big seller around our end of the county. Almost every fire dept. does it and has a great turn out.
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    We do alot of the above mentioned things, but have also auctioned off a Power Wheels fire truck and our main fundraiser is one we do at a local mc donalds and we just clean tables, hold open doors, etc. and get $500+ for 3 hrs of work.
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