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    Default Safety harness any thoughts?

    I came accross this new safety harness and I think it would be good for use in the fire service because it would provide 100% fall protection to the firefighter or the victim when transfering to and from an aerial lift. The way it works is that the user would be able to attach to both the aerial lift and the non movable structure simaltaneously giving two points of fall protection. What makes this harness unique is that it has a releasable leg which will break away automatically if the platform has to pull away from the structure or if the structure itself collapses leaving the user safely attached to the stable structure. There is more info on there website and you can see a video. http://www.wishbonesafety.com

    I was wondering if anyone else has heard of this and if they think it would be useful in the fire service.

    Sorry this is a duplicate
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