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    As an interesting side note, the SAFER program under AFG will give a low score to an application based upon not allowing your paid members to volunteer while off duty. This element is graded equally as the others.

    "Volunteer discrimination: A statement regarding how the applicant plans to meet the requirement to ensure that firefighters in positions filled under SAFER grants are not discriminated against for, or prohibited from, engaging in volunteer activities in another jurisdiction during off-duty hours."

    This creates an interesting dilema for a union department looking to create jobs and increase staffing.
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    Default WC benefits

    California law does in fact make available worker compensation benefits to volunteer firefighters. Most states do.

    Connecticut just passed legislation banning municipalities from putting in their contracts prohibitions against volunteer firefighting. Effective for all municipalities upon the expiration of their respective current collective bargained agreement with the Local.

    The whole paid/volly chest bumping is a collosal waste of time. Do your job, do it well. Worry about yourself, not what your brothers do in their spare time.

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